Reinventing Myself

Again. For the final time. Really.

New year, new start. And there’s nothing like a long weekend to establish/reestablish your social medial presence.

I’ve been toying with re-branding myself for while now. While she treated me well, I’ve outgrown Emery Sanborne. I’ve always been torn about not publishing under my real name, or a name closer to my real name. Emery was me, but I couldn’t exactly hold up my books next to my license or passport and go, “See, I really did write this book.” And it’s not like I ever tried to hide who I was. In the end, it’s just another name for me, so why not just be me?

But the big motivator for this whole thing was the fact that I got news just after the first of the year that one of my publishing houses will be closing. It’s been more of a home to India Harper (my co-writing identity shared with my best friend and wiser half, Steph) than Emery, but it’s definitely a good kick in the seat of the pants to take action. And for me, when I stop dragging my feet and decide to do something or change something, it’s rarely on a small scale. India will most likely live on in some form, but Emery’s time has come and gone.

I debated whether or not just to use my already established real name blog/site. But sometimes, you need to start fresh. Especially since my other blog’s become of bit of a muddle when I pulled in Emery’s blog and my old LiveJournal account. I’m still deciding whether to keep that or ditch it when it comes time to renew the domain. However, I’ve got until 2017 to figure that out, so… Having multiple Twitter and Tumblr identities makes sense. Multiple blogs? I’m a bit too lazy for that.

Now that I’ve got N. M. Bunting’s social media presence set up, time to buckle down, dust off those bunnies, and start writing again.

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