Moving Forward…Slowly

As with many of my great ideas about getting shit done, I start all gung-ho and then life intervenes and six months later or so I finally get back to getting shit done. Sort of. If you were paying attention to my Twitter feeds a couple weeks ago, you’ll have noticed I got around to migrating some content over here…accidentally deleting posts on the old site, then un-deleting them and Twitter blew up because I forgot to turn off the autopost there. Lesson learned. Lord.

Managed to figure out how I wanted things laid out over here, so I’ve got the bones in place and a bit of content added. Yay? One of these days I’ll get back to actual writing again. What I need to do is make time, instead of faffing about watching old Golden Girls eps while working on the Afghan of Doom or roaming the wasteland of Fallout 4. On a positive note, I read an actual, honest to god book on Sunday for the first time in…too long. Felt good. (Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, an oldie but a goodie.)

I have a plan for regular posting in place. At the moment I’m aiming for twice a week. New posts on Mondays (shh, I know today’s Tuesday) and migrating an old post over on Thursdays because #throwbackthursday or whatever.

As always, the only way to get shit done is to do said shit. *cracks whip* Stay tuned.

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