Not a Dull Summer

Well, personally, it kind of is, which is fine by me. Let’s me get lost in a few good books or spending way too much time playing Fallout 4 and Lego Avengers. But the world? Boy, howdy.

So, the House Democrats finally stood up (or sat down, in this case) to the Republicans. Whether something concrete will come of this, time will tell. But, goddamn, it was nice to see SOMETHING happen after a tragedy for a change instead of just “thoughts and prayers” and inaction. Hell, it was nice to see something happen in Congress period.

And then there’s the whole Brexit disaster, with a lot of people who voted to leave saying they didn’t think it’d really happen. Voting matters, folks, just ask the UK. Silver linings to the whole fiasco were learning how damn awesome the Scots are at insults (re: Trump being a jackass, as per usual, on his visit to Scotland), and the possibility that Scotland’s looking to go on its own after all and that Ireland and North Ireland might reunite.

And more and more I realize, that people need to fucking learn from history. It’s the 21st century, hatred and fear should not still hold sway over people.

So, yeah, not dull and a little scary out there and probably going to get even scarier in the run up to the US elections in November.

But in positive world news, the Supreme Court struck down the ludicrous HB2 restricting abortion access in Texas. Oh, and Iceland’s football team is doing awesome in the Euro Cup. I love that country.

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