No, I’m Not Taking Up Mountain Climbing

But it seems to be the type of books I’m drawn to at the moment. Yes, I’ve been reading actual books again. All Everest-centric.

It started with Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, which I’d been meaning to read for ages. I’m a sucker for a cold-based survival tale, like my Northwest Passage and Franklin Expedition kick I was on. Tends to crop up when the weather turns hot. No shock there. 🙂 Continuing the 1996 Everest tragedy, I also read After the Wind by Lou Kasischke and Left for Dead by Beck Weathers. Also read Dark Summit by Nick Heil (mostly about the 2006 season on Everest). And currently I’m reading High Exposure by David Brashears. I went from having read practically no books to all of those in the past month. Yay, reading?

But despite the current interest, I have no desire to take up mountain climbing. And it’s not for obvious reasons like potential of death, lack of fitness, crazy amount of money involved. No, it’s because a lot of the serious climbing, such as Everest, involves camping. I don’t do camping. I know my limits and not having access to indoor plumbing and daily showers is it. The cabin in the woods with Steph and her family is as close as I get to camping. I will do rustic as hell, as long as I have a roof over my head and access to indoor plumbing.

In other words, I’m perfectly happy to read about those kind of things.

I’ve also realized that when it comes to reading books these days, it’s pretty much non-fiction all the way. I get my fic fix through fanfic. (Say that ten times fast.) And there’s a lot of good fiction out there that I’d like to read, but I know I won’t finish. Right now, I need stories about stuff that actually happened. Crazy, huh?

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