Bits, Bobs, and Back to the Grind

I was doing so well there for a couple weeks. While it’s not Monday, a late post is better than no post at all.

Spent a week in Michigan for vacation this year. It was good spending time with Mom and other family. The weather was mostly hot. You didn’t used to have to run AC to survive in Northern Michigan. It’s not as super critical as in Philly, but it’s getting that way. But, oh no, there’s no such thing as climate change. *eyeroll* Managed to tick off pretty much everything on my list for this trip–got to visit Old Mission Peninsula; waded in Lake Michigan; and had enough Squirt, Hostess Cupcakes, and Labatt’s to get me by for a time. Didn’t get pics down by the hospital turnaround like I wanted, but no big. Mom went a bit overboard on the clothes, but I really can’t complain as I’m set for clothes for quite awhile.  A long while. 🙂 On  the whole, it was good to see everyone seems to be doing well. Northern Michigan is a great place to visit, but I really am glad I moved away. If for no other reason than the sake of my liver.

Although I arrived back in Philly last Tuesday, I managed to avoid most of the DNC associated chaos on my return. Helps that I live only a block from work and don’t drive anywhere.

Work’s going well. Especially since I hit the ground running when I got back. I always prefer to be busy versus not. Even if I wind up volunteering to take on the more “fun” pursuits to ensure that.

What else? Oh, yeah, I’m playing Pokemon Go like the majority of the world.  Missed the whole Pokemon phase by a few years when it first hit, which is for the best I’m sure. Aside from surface exposure through friends’ kids, Pokemon was just one of those things that I was aware of but that’s about it. Now I know names and have favorites. Oh, life.

Aside from that, same ol’, same ol’.

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