Where Does the Time Go?

Originally posted on emerysanborne.com on September 18, 2012, during my one-semester foray into grad school. I’m both grateful that that marketing position opened up at work and kind of sad that it gave me an easy out. Oh, life.

And yet another month has flown by since I last posted. School has kept me busy, but not that busy. I’m lazy and out of the habit of posting. It’s not an excuse. It just is what it is.

I did have a rather lengthy post typed up last week whining about my scientific writing course for the program I’m in, but ugh, I’ve complained way too much about that class and just plain complained too much in general. So I trashed it. Less complaining, more…something else.

Writing-wise…unless you count all the notes I write then re-write by hand for class, then yeah, bupkis. Yes, I hand-write my notes, and re-write them, despite the shiny new laptop and trusty iPad. When I type the notes, the info just doesn’t stick. My right hand sure as hell would like it if I typed vs. wrote. Hell, I think my brain would since my handwriting is…iffy on occasion. I really think I need to switch to ballpoints instead of the V5 rolling ball pens I’ve grown used to. Of course, if I didn’t etch my writing into the page, it might not be such an issue either. While I can pick up new writing techniques, physically changing how I use pen or pencil isn’t going to happen at this stage in the game. At least my writing callus is back on my middle finger, so that’s an improvement over the blister I had after the first week of class.

Boy, I’m exciting these days, aren’t I? At least I’m not bitching about the writing class. That’s a win.

In other news, this past Saturday Grey made me go have an adventure. From about Wednesday on she was all “You need to be at 30th Street Station around noon on Saturday?” “Why?” “Not telling.” To be fair, if she had told me, cool as it was, I would have talked myself into not going because lazy. I’m very glad Grey kept up the mystery because I got to experience “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana sung live in the main concourse of 30th Street Station. Chills, man. It was always part of my fencing fight mix and definitely one of my top favorite pieces of music period. So, adventure is good. Random Acts of Culture (the group behind the performance) is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Not much else to report. Just keeping on keeping on. 🙂

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