Week’s Not Over, Here’s a New Content Post

Finally had some downtime, so I’ve got some more old posts cued up through the end of next month. My “soapbox” posts, which are pretty timely. Two to four years on, and the same shit is still going on.

Stumbled over my post about the Lego Movie and how it rubbed me wrong with the treatment/sidelining of women, which got me thinking about the new Ghostbusters movie and how fucking amazing it was on so many levels and how disgruntled I am over the talk that it’s likely going to be a one-off due to not making enough money back.

Add in Donald Trump being an instigating fuck that takes no ownership for the hateful shit that he spews and all the rampant misogyny due to Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nom. President Obama’s tenure sure showed that racism is alive and well. Clinton’s run is showing that misogyny is alive and well as well.

It’s been a long, hot, ugly summer in so many ways. And the fall will likely be even uglier. Whee!

So, that’s why I try to find my joy where I can, when I can. Be it rewatching old favorite shows or losing myself in a good story, mostly non-fiction these days, or nabbing a new Pokemon on Pokemon Go or successfully construction a new vault addition in Fallout 4, knitting or taking yet another pic of my fat cat… It’s the little things. You shouldn’t shut out the world or ignore what’s going on, but sometimes you need a break, however short.

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