Writing Again, Sorta

So, I dug out my new MacBook that I purchased a few months back and haven’t really used since, updated all the software, queued up Scrivener, and started transcribing the reworking of Last Thought into it. So it’s less writing and more rewriting, but hey, it’s more than I’ve done in awhile. And I even scribbled out a snippet of a new scene, scene insert…fuck it, it was new words, so it counts.

I miss the hell out of writing. It’s not for lack of ideas, but lack of motivation.

Obviously, the job change a few years back had an impact. But my writing had pretty much trailed off by then. Moving into a position where I had deadlines and produce an actual product has been good for me, but every so often I get a pang of longing for my days as a receptions. Until I remember having to deal with people and phone calls and random crap. The past always gets a bit rose tinted. So, 99% of the time I like working in marketing and have no regrets about moving well away from reception/admin work.

Right, so, back to writing. The current plan is to re-write a chapter/spend about an hour on the re-write every day. The final DLC for Fallout 4 doesn’t drop for another couple weeks and TV can wait. In theory, I’ll get in a groove and do more than the planned chapter/hour every day. And once I get Book 1 reworked, I’m going to dig up what I have for Book 2 and get that sucker finally written. Then, with any luck, by the end of the year I’ll get those out for publication. Going to try the self-pub route. So, stay tuned.

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