In My Next Life I Want to Be a Cat

There are days I really do envy my cat. That lump in my bed was my cat yesterday. She prefers it when I have my down comforter on the bed because it’s a) darker and b) a bit harder for me to find her amidst the other lumps. But seriously, what a life. She gets fed, often earlier than she should because I want her to leave me the hell alone and let me sleep, and gets to laze around, all day every day. And she’s pretty much trained me versus the other way around. I will say that her peeing in the tub guarantees that my tub is probably the cleanest place in my house. She pees in the litterbox as well, but ever since I got her, she likes to pee in the tub. Hell if I know.

Aside from that, I’ve been writing/re-writing every day except Saturday. So go me for getting back in the habit, maybe? Regardless, it feels good. And I had one of those moments last week, where things just clicked and I got a new insight into the word, and new words just kind of happened. LOVE those moments. I love writing. Period. I’d just forgotten.

Other than that, seems like the temps have cooled a bit. Still supposed to be in the 80s this week, but I’ll take it. It was comfortable and almost coolish this morning. In any event, it was nice to sleep without the damn AC on. Sure, it’s a bit noisier with the windows open, but it feels better.

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