Sometimes Bad Guys Are the Only Good Guys You Get

Aside from my trip up to the ‘burbs to hang out with Steph on Saturday and experiencing horrific traffic in the city when she went above and beyond and drove me home because SEPTA fucked up the train schedule and the next/last train wasn’t leaving until 11:36 pm, I spend most of my long weekend in front of my computer playing the new  Fallout 4 DLC, Nuka World. Needless to say there will be spoilers, so take this as your warning.

Nuka World is a theme park built around the soda of the world, Nuka Cola, and is a pretty obvious riff on Disney World, complete with Magic Kingdom and Main Street USA equivalents, along with Animal Kingdom and Tomorrow Land (Kiddie Kingdom, Nuka-Town USA, Safari World, and Galactic Zone respectively. Also there’s the Wild West themed world of Dry Rock Gulch, which I’m pretty sure Disney has one of those as well.). Eventually, you even get to meet the frozen head of the creator of Nuka Cola/World, Bradburton. This delighted me to no end.

Two hundred years after a nuclear war, the park is still standing, a bit rough around the edges, and held by all manner of creatures with three factions of Raiders coveting the spoils. After surviving The Gauntlet and defeating the existing overboss, I get to clear out the various parks while playing nice with the various Raiders. The Operators are in it for the money, The Pack are in it for the power, and The Disciples are in it for the pain/violence. While there’s the option of wiping them all off the map, I pretty much played nice with everyone but favored the Operators and Pack, especially when I started setting up outposts in the Commonwealth (taking over and intimidating the bulk of the settlements that I saved/won over initially). At least I opt to talk to and pay off the settlers instead of beating them up (or intimidating them if the payoff is over 500 caps)? Wiped out the Disciples’ leader, so it’s just me diving up the spoils between the Operators and the Pack (I made an honest to god list to make sure things are even). Until I get bored and decide to wipe them out and liberate the settlements? Time will tell.

Aside from all the new flavors of soda to find/collect, you can also collect new recipes to make new flavors. I do believe I’ve found them all. Now I just need to work on making them all and displaying them back in my trophy room in Vault 88.

Along with finding Disney’s–I mean, Bradburton’s frozen head, the other little joyful side quest was helping out the Hubologists, which are undoubtedly a riff on Scientologist, although maybe a little less crazy? 🙂

In any event, I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth from this game plus season pass for all the DLC. I’ve spent QUITE a few hours in the game and will likely spend a fair few more. Especially when I go back in the tunnels of Kiddie Kingdom to find the Mechanist’s armor I inadvertently dropped to free up bag space (even though I can now use AP points to move normally with overfilled bags and fast travel as well–the latter will make moving my prized bobbles and other items from Sanctuary Hills to Vault 88 much easier).

I’m  sucker for post-apocalyptic and apparently retro-future aesthetic, but my main draws to the series are the open sandbox model (get to explore and grind for resources to my heart’s content) and the fact that (sometimes annoyingly) your choices do have consequences. On the upside, due to siding with the Raiders, I’ve finally gotten Preston Garvey to full out hate me now instead of just lecture me about blowing up the civilians in the Institute (which I didn’t know was an option. At least I saved the synths and my robot son, so yay?).

So, that was my exciting weekend. How was yours? 🙂


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