Blogtoberfest Committment

I should probably make this my day two post, but I’ve been trying for three days to get the Beef Stoup post up (thought my site was borked, turns out the firewall work is fucking me over, not that I should be working on my blog at work…). When Steph get all motivated to do something, every so often it motivates me to do something (like last night when I saw she’d cleaned her bedroom and decided, gee, might as well do my floors…and take out the trash and recycling). And lord knows if I don’t jump on something when I’m motivated, it’s likely not to get done any time soon.

Speaking of lazy, I was supposed to take the cat to the vet today to check on her weight, get her vaccination that it was too soon to get last time, get her nails trimmed…but there was rain forecast and going to the vet is traumatic enough for us both. Okay, the trauma is mostly me wrangling her into the carrier and paying the bill at the end, but she’s definitely not happy. So, I’ve rescheduled that, again, for next month. Gives her more time to lose more weight and gives me more money at Rhinebeck this month. Fiiiiiiberrrrrrrr.

Right, so, Blogtoberfest. I’m going to do my damnedest to blog once a day all month. And since I’m motivated now, hopefully I’ll get a few in the queue so I start ahead of the game. You may or may not get deep, insightful posts. Most likely you’ll get my typical rambly ones. And you know what? That’s okay. Why? Because it’s my blog, and I can do whatever the hell I want. 🙂

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