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Steph wrote up a fantastic post on Bullet Journaling with great links. She blames me for getting her started down the path. I’ll take that blame. 🙂 What I love when Steph latches onto something is that she dives in and learns everything she can, makes it her own, and I pick up on a lot of things I missed or discover something new in the process as a result.

I’ve been playing around with Bullet Journaling off an on for a few years now. I got one of those refillable notebooks that I tried using a couple times, but never used it more than a few weeks. I think it was too flexible?

During one of my down times at work back in May, I started thinking about it again. I’m always picking up new blank notebooks that disappear and reappear around my condo often because they’re cheap or just because they catch my eye. Who the hell doesn’t need a notebook for something at some point, right?

I’d recently picked up some Moleskine Cahier journals after one of my colleague’s notebooks caught my eye. One of the notebooks was purple, and that went great with the purple pens (Pentel EnerGel 0.7) I’d started using after another colleague gave me one (I like purple, if you couldn’t guess). And I decided to give Bullet Journaling one more try, in an actual notebook this time.

As I told Steph when she was diving in, don’t be afraid to change things up at any time. Every day can be a new start.

I started out with weekly charts to track things like knitting, reading, writing, walking, etc. But when the amount of unchecked boxes started to overwhelm me, I got rid of it. I’ve kept it pretty simple since. Daily lists on the front pages and master lists on the back ones. When I was in Iceland the last time, I only wrote on the right-hand pages of my journal, then flipped it over so I was still writing on the right-hand pages when I ran out. It’s easier to manage if space is limited and you’re using your lap as a writing surface. So, I adapted that for the bullet journal (bujo would be easier and quicker to write, but I have the same aversion to that as lol for some reason–I use hee or heh instead, don’t know why, really). My index and daily pages are on the right-side-up right-hand pages and the master lists are on the upside-down ones (until I run out of right-side-up and flip it all over).

Now that I’ve been doing it for a few months, I’m thinking of trying out some new things. It’d be nice to have a weekly or couple month’s overview for long-term items. I started jotting more long-term items on a posted stuck to the opposite page of my daily so I didn’t keep losing more than a day out items in my daily lists.

While I love the fancy things people come up with, it’s really just too overwhelming. The simpler I keep the bullet journal, the better for me.

So, currently I track work things (circles), life things (triangles), gaming (vague controller shape), shows I watch (vague old TV with antenna shape), my overall mood (:S–like a happy/sad face) and most recently I try to come up with three good things for every day (3gt, which can be as simple as “not Monday”).

img_5383  img_5385

On the whole, I’m liking it, especially since I keep true to the keep it simple, get rid of doesn’t work philosophy. Fancy might work for awhile, but it gets stressful too.

Take it for what you will.

ETA: Of course, now after Bujofest2016 with Steph and Deb on Friday, I’m stepping up and refining my game. Look, a banner and more than one color! And after playing with the felt-tipped pens, I might switch from my trusty purple ink gel. I’m a fickle sort. THIS is the pen I shall use on all things…until the next one catches my eye. Kind of like OTPs. 🙂 Stay tuned.


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