Rhinebeck 2016


Rhinebeck (aka, The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival) is a bit like (San Diego ComicCon) for fiber folks. At least out here on the East Coast. It’s the festival to go to.

Steph and I were going yearly for a while, until her mom retired down to Virginia. Besides the fact that her mom is awesome, she lived near a cemetery, so that was always a fun side trip for me. 🙂

Two years ago we crashed at her brother’s place. His wife’s a vet and they were fostering two itty bitty kittens along with their other cats. It was a good stay.

This year we’re going up for a couple extra days and trying out an AirBnB in Woodstock. Aaaaaand, I’m hitting a local tattoo artist for my ravens. In theory the tattoo means I won’t be spending a lot of fiber this year. Ahahahahahaha. One does not walk out of a fiber festival empty handed.

It’ll be a good trip. The leaves should be pretty decent if just past peak. Seriously, the Hudson Valley in the fall? You can’t go wrong. And the temps should be on the cooler side, so perfect for various pieces of knitwear.

ETA: Arrived at our destination in good time. The AirBnB is freakin’ gorgeous. Lots of character and room. And there’s wifi. Finally. We went over the darned thing so many times I have it memorized. Ask me. But as Steph has said, we’re totally doing this next year. Especially now that we have the heat and wifi squared away. Oh, and a clawfoot bathtub. I’m okay with just the spray thingie for a shower. Claw. Foot. Tub. I don’t like baths, but I’m very tempted.

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