The Great Tattoo

Quite literally. A bit bigger than I’d initially planned on, but it worked for me and go big or go home, right?

A few weeks back when Steph decided to search for tattoo places up in Woodstock, since I’d been talking about getting my next one for AGES. She found Woodstock Tattoo Studio. Felix, the artist, does gorgeous images as you can see. So I reached out, corresponded about what I wanted, set up an appointment, and left the rest in the hands of the artist.

After wandering around Woodstock Thursday morning and a quick lunch, we hit the parlor.

The artist did design two ravens, but due to the size, one was practical, and even that tested my endurance by the end of it. Hence why the flowers are still plain. I BARELY made it through the shading on the raven. After four hours, I think I’m okay with that. I’ve got a follow up set for a future date to finish it off. The second raven is going to wait until next year (gotta save up–gorgeous tattoos are worth every penny, but the bank account is a bit not happy right now).

I was pretty fine with the outlining. Like I described to Steph, the pain is about on par with a strong sunburn, but fleeting. The shading was a study in endurance, in part because of the time I was under the needle but also because a good portion is right on the edge of the shoulder blade. And with the way I was laying, it felt like EVERYTHING was on the edge of the blade by the end. May have said a few Hail Marys as well. Coming from an atheist, I’m sure any deity would be a bit o_O. But it’s repetitive and meditative. And the only other thing I have memorized off hand is El Dorado by Edgar Allen Poe, and that was a bit too complex.

Steph was a trooper through the whole thing, working on her endless shawl and popping in to see and record the progress, all while contemplating her own (in a much more practical and easy to care for location such as her arm). She’s more than fulfilled best friend duties between that and the first wash. I’ll manage okay, with some creativity, once my muscles relax (four hours on my stomach when I’m never on my stomach with my arms hanging down has made me a bit stiff). I just wish I’d been smart enough to pack my larger, looser t-shirts. But, again, creativity.

Sent Mom a text and am waiting for the inevitable phone call. Being a nurse, as I’ve said before, she’s not a fan of tattoos.  But I’m 35 and the one who has to live with it, so *shrugs carefully*.

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