Rhinebeck 2016 – The Festival

Sheep and wooooooool.

Since we didn’t stay too far from the fairgrounds this year, we didn’t have to leave until 8 to get there by our usual 8:30 arrival, with a stop at Bread Alone for tea, coffee, and croissants.

We went from cold with blue skies to cold with heavy fog, but it made for a nice arrival. Fall colored trees and knitters emerging from the white mists. It turned out that my combo of athletic shirt, t-shirt, fleece, down vest, and Icelandic sweater (plus hat, scarf, and wrist-warmers) left me feeling just about right in the temps. And we passed the time in line with some people from Steph’s old knitting group that happened behind us in line.

After it worked so well for us in Maryland, we decided to hit the big buildings first, when they’re less crowded (comparatively speaking), then the barns. For the most part we do the circuit and go back for things we had an eye on, usually from regular vendors we hit. But at some point one or both of us breaks and starts buying. The haul this year was good, but not too horrible price wise (mainly due to the super good deal on rovings and those metallic yarns, which were only $6 a skein at 200+ yards of rayon/tencel).

img_5601  img_5603

My favorite purchase was 3.5 oz. of a blend of Icelandic wool, alpaca, and silk. The blend takes the edge of the wool, which tends to feel a bit itchy while being warm and water resistant.


My most expensive purchase were the olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes, but boy were they tasty.

We discovered that even without the all the time on the road, 2pm is about our max limit. I definitely hit my people limit for the day. Everyone’s friendly, for the most part, but it just gets overwhelming after awhile.

More and more I wish I’d been smart and taken Monday off, but I have a deadline at work that I honestly didn’t want to pawn off on someone else. Okay, I really did because it’s a pain in the ass (albeit straight forward), but that’s just not fair to shove it on one of my colleagues. Of course the real challenge with Monday will be figuring out how to dress around the tattoo. Since I don’t think I’ll be able to wear a bra for a few more days, I think I’ll have to use one of my bikini tops as a standby and maybe a nice heavy sweater. We’ll see.


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