My Dark Sense of Humor

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I can have a pretty dark sense of humor sometimes. Like most humor, I’m pretty sure it’s a coping strategy. If you can’t laugh in the face of darkness, you’re going to cry or cower. Maybe it’s my own form of Riddikulus.

I’m not sure if it started in middle or high school, but at one point, when it got cold out, I started saying “Damn, it’s colder than my dad out.” Because he was dead. Well, he’s still dead. It’s not like you get better from that sort of thing. 🙂 Eventually, some of the friends in my circle adopted it as well. “Damn, it’s colder than NIkki’s dad out.” And now I remember what started it. Someone started saying it was hotter than so and so’s dad out (I don’t even know, small town kids are weird), and I made the logical jump that cold applied to mine. Like most “jokes” it sort of falls apart when you try to explain it. *shrug*

Which brings me to my latest piece of random desk decor, my “Closed for Funeral” sign. On our way out of Woodstock Sunday, Steph and I stopped by the local flea market. At one of the first stands, we came across the sign. As Steph said, “That’s so you, Nik. You’ve got to get it.” I’m kind of regretting not buying the whole stack (I think there were four, and at $3 a piece, not horrible). But one is really all I need, if I can be said to need one. 🙂 I might start up a new collection. Placards from different funeral homes. Hrm…

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