Sleeping Positions

I’m a side sleeper. Right and left are about equal, although right is my preferred for sleeping and left for nighttime phone-in-bed viewing (even though my charger is on the right side).

Well, I say my right side is my preferred side, but, frankly, I’m rather sick of sleeping on my right side, thanks to the tattoo. To be fair, it’s healed enough that I can sort of sleep on my left or even on my back. I just don’t want to do that too much until the peeling is finished.

Needless to say, a couple times in first few days after the tattoo when I tried sort of sleeping on my left side/stomach, I did end up looking like Marty from Back to the Future. For the record, it is not comfortable. At. All. Then again, that might be part the way my back bends and part because I’ve spent thirty-odd years sleeping mostly on one side or the other.

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