Yay, I Finished a Thing!

Ravelry is currently not letting me upload photos for some reason. But at least you can see the finished product here.

Based on the Lace 1 2 3 pattern I got when it was free from Knitpicks, I used the skein one of my college friends sent me of Twisted Fiber Art (Tasty Small Evolution, Nymph). It’s a short scarf and points out that I am desperately in need of a pin or some sort of thing, but the colors will go perfectly with my long paisley corduroy coat.

Now I can totally justify starting a new project with my new yarn from Rhinebeck last weekend, and continue to ignore my other WIPs (Afghan of Doom, parquet shawl, second sweater I’ll never finish, crochet bath mat, and a couple other things, I’m sure).

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