Having finished one project, I of course opted to start something new instead of working on a WIP. So, I pulled out the $6/skein rayon/tencel yarn for a shawl and started winding in. Aside from the creakiness of the wooden swift I’ve never oiled or waxed, the first four went fine. The fifth one…is a hot mess.

Apparently I didn’t tighten the screw enough to keep the arms from collapsing. Not once. Not twice. But three times. Instead of being smart and trying again, I pulled it off and decided to wind it off my arm. Dumb. Ass. Move. The yarn got tangled super quickly, so my maybe 5-10 minute winding has turned into multiple hours of untangling and winding. Also, not a fan of the smell of the fiber. It’s an annoying metallic smell, which is fitting since it is a metallic colored yarn. And of course it’s one of the solid metallic colors, of which I have one skein each, and not the multi-colored ones that I have four of. Such is life.

We’ll see how far I get tonight (Monday). If not, I might just bag it all back up, shove it on the back of my door, and try the shawl kit I got from The Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea Shop.

ETA: I WIN!!!! What does success look like? This is what success looks like.


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