If You Play for No Team, Who Do You Root For?

Lame title is lame. Ah, well.

Inspired by a conversation in today’s (Tuesday’s) email thread with Steph and Deb, here are my sports teams.

Soccer / Football: Philadelphia Union and Iceland

American Football: Michigan State University (because pro = ugh)

Basketball: Michigan State University (see football)

Baseball: Detroit Tigers (them’s my roots, baby)

Hockey: currently undecided, but there are options

  • Michigan State University because it’s my damn ALMA MATER and kind of how I first got into hockey (nothing like a Melting Moments ice cream cookie sandwich in a cold hockey rink)
  • Detroit Red Wings were the home team growing up but, I dunno, they just leave me meh
  • Philadelphia Flyers because it’s my current home team
  • Pittsburgh Penguins because the part of me that told my family I’d go to MSU to spite their UofM loving hearts leans toward the home team’s rival, plus I have soft spot for Pittsburgh (shout out, Creatures of Sin!)
  • Dallas Stars because fic (and it’s all Deb’s fault 😉 yes, it is)

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