Election Day 2016

Got up this morning and hit the polls just before 7 am when they opened. I’m fortunate to both live, work, and have my polling place all very close to one another. You can plan that shit if you try. As I turned the corner, I saw a line…and I grinned. I was worried there wouldn’t be a line. Most years, my polling place has no line. I stood in a line for the 2008 election, but that was a different part of the city. This was the first substantial line I’ve had to stand in. And I couldn’t have been happier. And the overall mood of the crowd was pretty good. We had our phones to keep us entertained and you couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day. Seriously. (Okay, I was a bit chilly by the end of it, but still a gorgeous day.) Overall, just over an hour to vote as number 72 at my polling location (slow start, but the speed was picking up a bit once they split the A to L’s from the M to Z’s). Snapped a really bad selfie outside before hitting Dunkin’ Donuts and going up to work (when I say close, I mean close).

I don’t have to tell you who I voted for, but I’m going to. I voted for Hillary Clinton because I wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton, not because she’s the lesser of two evils or to make sure Donald Trump *shudder* doesn’t get nearer to the White House than he has already. I voted for Hillary Clinton because I genuinely like her and what she stands for. Is she perfect? Are you perfect? She’s got the experience and the drive and has proven time and again that she gets shit done. In addition to that, yes, I voted for her because I want a woman as President of the United States of America. I voted for her because I want Hillary Clinton as the President of the United States of America.

Tomorrow I hope to hell I wake up and find out that something good came out of this trash fire year. Better yet, I hope I can manage to stay awake long enough to see it happen.

I voted because it matters. It ALWAYS matters. I voted because I was lucky to be born a citizen of this country and born at a time when I could vote. I voted because as a cis white woman I have privileges that others don’t and believe that we all deserve an equal shot and that it takes work and will continue to take work to achieve that. I voted because I wanted to and should.

When I stepped into that booth/curtained stall today, I did a little jig because voting matters and holy fucking hell I get to vote for a goddamned woman for President. It’s something I grew up knowing was theoretically possible and hoped would happen, but actually getting to live it? Goddamn. It’s amazing.

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