Well, we survived 2016. Most of us did. Yay! That counts for something, right?

The world is…still crazy? Scary? Almost two months post election and a few short weeks until the Inauguration of the Cheeto in Chief and some mornings it’s still difficult to believe this is reality. I was listening to a year-end clip show for one of my regular podcasts, Cognitive Dissonance, last night and it was kind of weird? Remember when we were laughing at Ted Cruz and his unbelievable awkwardness during and as he dropped out of the race? More innocent times. However, what was essentially a supercut of Tom’s hysterical laughter made up for the mental discombobulation at a window into the past.

On a personal level, 2016 wasn’t bad. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it wasn’t bad. It was a year. It’s the world veering off into a crazy timeline that threw it off.

Spent the holidays with Steph and family in the cabin in the woods at Worlds End State Park near Forksville, Pennsylvania. There was snow on the ground, which made it a white Christmas even if we didn’t get more than a bit of flurries. We got a good batch of wood this time around in a good sized cabin, so everything was quite cozy, especially since Steph managed to pwn the fire.

When we got back from the cabin, I spent the rest of the week being lazy, playing LOTRO, watching Murder, She Wrote, and pestering my cat. All in all, a well-spent holiday.

The first week back at work has been not too horrible. Managed to tick off a lot of maintenance type things. So, yay? I always get a bit nervous when I’m stuck in a lull too long, though, soon enough, I get slammed and long for the lulls. Can’t win.

Coming up? Who knows. Of course I’m thinking about another trip to Iceland. But that’s nothing new. I really should wait another year before taking a big trip. Still paying off the last one. But life is short and debt never completely goes away, right?

I’m currently debating whether or not to join the new gym in the neighborhood. But ugh, people. Still, I do need to get walking again, and it’s too easy when the weather turns cold or hot to make excuses. We’ll see.

And I need to implement a regular writing schedule. I say that every few months, every new year. I miss writing. Time to write again. If nothing new, at least finish my multiple in progress re-writes going on.

Speaking of schedules, regular blogging would be good, too. Blogtoberfest was rather satisfying. Maybe I’ll copy Steph and aim for at least one post a week, and maybe do the month of daily posts again in a couple months or October again at the very latest.

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