2017 Resolutions 

Yeah, I’m a week late, get over it. Better late than never, right?

In the order I jotted them down in the ol’ bujo, but not ranked in any order of significance (just what came to mind first):

  1. Walk regularly – 3+ times per week
  2. Write regularly – 3+ times per week
  3. Finish Afghan of Doom
  4. Finish Landa 1 revisions
  5. Start Landa 2
  6. Publish something
  7. Blog regularly – 1+ times per week
  8. Get / be politically active

Not super different from last year, save number 8, which tells you how well I kept to them. New year, new start. (It reflects my bujo mantra, “new day, new start” to not get hung up on any one way of doing things.)

One thing I didn’t include from last year was what basically boiled down to “deal with your fucking emotional baggage”. No, I didn’t actually accomplish that, just realized, nope, still better off pushing it down and away and trying to ignore the hell out of it. 🙂 I have no issues admitting my shortcomings. Some shit, I realize, I’m just never ever going to deal with. Sometimes moving on involves just moving on. Until one has, say, too much alcohol and goes on a crying jag, but, eh, whatevs.

For good or ill it seems I still can’t post to my blog from work. I can make changes to the site, but not update or upload anything? Crazy ass firewall.

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