2017, Water Strikes Back?

Please, god, no. I really don’t want to repeat the water hell that was 2014.

Turns out my kitchen sink is leaking. Seems to be where the drain and pipe connect, so maybe a simple sealant issue. But, ugh, water. My condo association also inspected water heaters last week, and while mine didn’t show signs of weakness per se, I know my water luck and should just preemptively replace it. It’s nearing eight years old, which isn’t ancient, but entering homeowner beware territory.

2014 was a bad year for me and water. Technically it started with the New Year’s Eve rat followed by my upstairs neighbor’s pipes bursting and showering down some glorious wetness. There was also the issue with my toilet handle and I believe flapper dying on me at separate times. And the AC backing up at some point that summer. Oh, and the giant hole in the pipe running under my tub. Not a good fucking year for me and water. Keep an eye out this week for a revisiting of those posts.

And stayed tuned for 2017’s continuing water-related saga. Guess it makes for a nice distraction from the shitshow this country is in and is facing with Trump getting sworn in as–seriously, it makes me ill to type it–President on Friday. JFC. At least the water shit is something I can (indirectly) fix.

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