2014 Water Saga: What I Did During My Winter Break

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on January 2, 2014.

Overall I indulged in much sloth, but I did leave my condo on a few occasions.

Firstly, I went back to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with the family. For two whole days. But, hey, flying at the holiday and to Michigan during the winter for the first time in eight years, give me some credit. And it was…fun. Flying was pretty painless. I got selected for one of the different screenings where I got to keep everything on and all they did after x-raying my bag was wipe it for explosives or something. It was just a bit freaky how quick and not annoying it was. So very pre-9/11. I spent both approximately three-hour layovers in Detroit, which was fine. Got some knitting and reading done. And, like I said, overall the visit was fun. Even got to catch up with some family members I haven’t seen since, well, since I moved out to Philly.

Then it was back to Philly for my annual appointment, woo, and much sloth. I ended up losing most of my time off to State of Decay. Oh, zombie games, I am weak for you.

Then came New Year’s Eve…and the rat. Yes, rat. I was getting ready to take a late shower and get ready to head up to Steph’s for fondu when I went to the bathroom and found the cat sitting on the lintel…staring at something. That something turned out to be a rat that was maybe 1/4 to 1/3 the size of my cat. Cue WTF staring then me running out to stand on a chair for a bit. Until I realized, shit, didn’t close the door, so I went back and did that and promptly called my building for help. The girl at the front desk who was as equally o_O as I was was a trooper about the whole thing, and had the maintenance guy come up while waiting for the maintenance guy to come up. Maintenance guy at first thought the cat toy just inside the bathroom was the cause of my AGHHHHH! (which the toy mouse is the size of…a mouse. Fortunately I spotted a tail peeking out from behind the toilet bowl cleaner and pointed that out to the maintenance guy. Then he was all o_O as well and “Oh, yeah, that is a rat. So we closed the door to await the exterminator. The girl working the desk and the maintenance guy came up a couple hours later so the three of us could deal with the rat since the exterminator was taking his time, and being NYE, none of us were optimistic that he’d show (but he did and was awesome, so points there). But anyway, the three of us opened up the bathroom to find…no rat. Or trace of rat. So yeah. Even the exterminator was baffled by the lack of rat traces as well as options for the damned thing to get in, one being a very tiny hole around my stove wiring and the others being the drains and toilet in the bathroom. That’s it. The exterminator was also baffled by why the hell the rat was on the third floor to begin with. It’s not a very rat thing to do. But of course, if anyone would have a rat, it would be me, the girl who was inundated with mice at the first apartment she had. Lord. So that was an adventure. The building handyman is supposed to be by today to poke around, potentially dispose of a rat if it reappeared and got trapped, and patch up that hole (hopefully) around my wiring. The crew in my building are awesome. My cat, however, is on a list. Although, probably better that she hung back instead of taking on the rat and getting injured and picking up some disease. This is my life, folks. And yes, I’m still kicking myself for not having the wherewithal to take a damn picture when the rat was in residence. I haven’t had the guts to peek under the stove to see if it has returned and been caught.

And today I’m back at work. Boo. But I’d rather get back into the work groove with only two days in the week vs. all five next week. So there is that. In theory it should be quiet. But I’m not holding my breath. Also had a momentary panic when I couldn’t find my ID. Then I realized last Monday was warm and I’d worn a lighter coat. Crisis averted.

Happy New Year, indeed.

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