2014 Water Saga: 2014 Can Suck It

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on January 23, 2014.

Seriously. Not my year to be a homeowner/condo-owner…whatever. While not on par with the Great Flood from Above or the New Year’s Eve Rat, having my toilet handle and leave breaking up at ten o’clock last night was not very happy making. Especially since the lever portion had escaped down the flapper hole. I currently have the lever secured with floss so it doesn’t go on walkabout again. Which doesn’t do anything but secure it, and I have to lift the lid off every time I need to flush. So that’s tonight’s fun, after I thaw out from walking to the “neighborhood” hardware store. Sure, I could take a cab to Home Depot or Lowes, but by that point I might as well just spend the extra hiking up to the hardware store. And the smart thing to do is call first to ensure that it’s not a wasted trip.

As for The Great Flood From Above, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait.

I’m also ready for summer. Sub-zero temps and snow can also suck it.

Maybe I’ll go back to the breakroom and watch the idiots driving down the road sliding and spinning out. That’s kind of cheery making. Yeah.

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