2014 Water Saga: Friday At Fucking Last

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on January 31, 2014.

It wasn’t a bad week per se. Just a long week mentally. Very worky. Which is good and bad. Needless to say, I am very, very, VERY glad said week is at its end.

The Aftermath of the Great Flood from Above is kind of in neutral at the moment. Still waiting for the independent adjuster’s report to be processed (said up to two weeks, which it’s looking like). My place is livable, you just really don’t want to look at the ceiling in and around the kitchen, or the ghosts of bubbled paint on the divider. I should be getting my electric bill for January soonish, and boy am I not looking forward to that. I do have last year’s to submit to my insurance company, so at least I’m prepared on that front. I just am not looking forward to seeing the amount. *shudder*

Last Wednesday around about ten o’clock at night  my toilet handle and lever decided to part ways. So, that was fun. At first I couldn’t find the lever because it had gone past the flapper. But I fished it up and secured it with floss, but had to lift the top of the tank off every time I wanted to flush. And you always have to go to the bathroom more when it’s inconvenient, you know? The next night after work I ventured up to the local hardware store and picked up the $5 replacement handle/lever I needed. Plus $30 of things I needed but didn’t need–such as a bucket, plunger, cleaning spray. The penguin duct tape was totally an impulse purchase. Also, hardware stores are magical places. They have fucking everything! Once I got home, fitting the new handle/lever was a relatively quick affair, but I spent a considerable amount of time after trying to figure out how to make my toilet stop running off and on. Part of me was wondering if I should’ve picked up a new flapper too. Fortunately it was just uck from the bottom of the tank that was causing a gap, and once that cleared all was fine. For now.

So, rat, flood, toilet…I’ve had my three things. Right? RIGHT??? I probably just jinxed myself.

In other news, I am giving Tonx coffee a try. It’s rather tasty. Of course, actually paying attention to measurements and shit means my coffee actually tastes decent. Imagine that.

What else. I’ve started knitting a sweater. I know! I also am overdue for brewing, but need to pick up the ingredients that got destroyed in the flood. I really need to cut out time to start writing again. I miss it. Desperately. I should probably start doing some form of exercise, even if it is just walking. Not having my daily two mile roundtrip walk to work has had an impact. Hrm…

In other other news, I’m wearing my Who Mondrian shirt and that makes me happy. Worn it to work before and haven’t gotten reprimanded, just complimented, so I’ll keep doing it until it changes. Because it makes me happy, dammit. Am also wearing three different earrings. Because I can. So there. It’s the fifth time I’ve done it. I’ve yet to get a single comment. People are only so observant.

Eight-thirty. Only…too many damn hours to go.

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