2014 Water Saga: Give a Mouse a Cookie

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on April 25, 2014.

So…the simple shower control valve replacement (which apparently wasn’t all that simple do to the screwy plumbing in the building with regard to finding the part) wasn’t actually the cause of the water leakage. Turned out the pipe coming down from my tub into the trap had a not tiny hole in in. So, yeah, couldn’t use my shower again on Tuesday and had to call a plumber. Turned out that Tuesday afternoon wasn’t soon enough for my plumbing as I got a call that morning from the building saying there was more water coming from my place. Even though I hadn’t used my shower, water was still dripping from the faucet and into the drain, which was enough to cause issues. Yeah, the faucet’s on the list to get replaced, eventually. Long story short, $1100 later and new piping from my drain to the stand pipe, I can use my shower. Fun times.

In happier home repair related news, got the difference between the original estimate and revised for the floor replacement, so the Great Flood recovery should be moving forward in the very near future. Wherein something else will likely crop up demanding to be repaired now. Because that’s how home repair works, right?

The funny thing is that Tuesday was my five year anniversary of signing on my place. So, five years is when everything goes to hell? Glad none of my relationships made it past six months. 🙂 Also, five years? How in the hell did that happen? It’ll be nine years this summer that I’ve been in Philly.  Where does the time go?

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