2014 Water Saga: The Water Gods Continue to Frown Upon Me

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on July 2, 2014.

So, 9:30 last night I hear the unmistakable sound of dripping. Well, the cat noticed, and then I noticed. I have central air/heating. And I have heard dripping before, because condensation. But this was a different dripping sound from another location entirely. While we’re not talking a great flood, it was pretty steady and not small amount of dripping coming from the access grate to where I can replace the filter to the unit (air intake?–you’d think I’d know more than this after nine years of working with architects and engineers). So, I shut the unit off, notified the building, called the plumber, and had a very warm night (although I did manage to finally get the fan angled just right). However, there was no dripping this morning (and it had slowed to a near stop last night), confirming that, yup, it’s the HVAC unit.

Of course, it’s July, in Philly and the temps are supposed to be well above 90 today and tomorrow, so I am running the AC today because cat. Stupid cat that decided sleeping close and nuzzling me in the middle of the night was a fantastic way to combat the heat. WTF. So, I’ve got the AC on, but at 76ish so it doesn’t run too much, with a bowl and towels under where the leaking occurred. We’ll see how things are at lunch. The plumber isn’t due over until later this afternoon. Fingers crossed, kids.

On the upside, my procrastination with regard to the repairs from The Great Flood TM seems to have worked out for the best, because boy howdy would it suck to have everything all cleaned up only to get it destroyed all over again. Blegh.

Also this week can die in a fire. Just saying.

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