2014 Water Saga: Hatred of the Water Gods, Update

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on July 2, 2014.

Plumber came late afternoon. The fix was relatively simple. Getting the building to let him stay past 4:30 took the most time. Whatevs.

The drainage pipe was blocked up. If my system were set up right, then it would be a simple as popping off part of a T-joint and shooting some air in. Instead, there was no T-joint, just a 90-degree bend, which involved cutting and replacing, and then blowing the clog out of the way (likely pet hair, what a shock). So, no more drips and I can run the AC as much as I want. Yay! Also yay, instead of the couple thousand I was afraid of, the whole thing only cost me some aggravation, two hours from work, and $150.

So I should be set on water-related disasters for another three months.

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