2014 Water Saga: Vacation Recap and More

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on August 7, 2014.

So the week in Michigan was really, really, really relaxing. Nice to get away and just chill. Not that I did nothing. My mother, I love her to death, can’t sit still for more than five minutes at a time. But I think we found a good balance this trip between go-go-go and hang out.

One of the highlights was getting to spend the night at a B&B on Mackinac Island. The island hasn’t changed all that much besides more, expansive exhibits in the fort and a Starbucks. Starbucks, while not everywhere in Northern Michigan, yet, is actually a presence. Guess things do change. Still didn’t see the cemetery or the crack in the island…one of these days. At least we didn’t do a bloody tandem bike ride around the island, which happened on every other single damn trip I took there in school or with friends. Maybe I’ll get around to actually posting pics this weekend…I think Minecraft is letting go of me a little bit.

Also hit the Mystery Spot up in St. Ignace like I’ve been meaning to since forever. I visited once when I was really young. Having been as an adult, both Mom and I agree that there’s a reason you enjoy it as a kid but all the adults wind up looking a bit ill. Optical illusions fuck with my equilibrium big time. Not as bad as spinny rides do, but let’s just say neither of us was so keen on eating right after we left.

Am both happy and sad to discover that microwbreweries have taken off in Michigan in a biiiiiig way. Which makes sense, because aside from nature stuff, drinking’s the thing to do. Still, when I was living at home that year after college, that would have made things a lot better. Well, probably not, since I wasn’t into the beer scene back then and rather miserable all around, but… *shurgs*

So all in all, a good trip back to the home state and seeing all the family. A sign that I truly was relaxing was that the nasty knot in my back completely disappeared by Tuesday of last week. Yay for no stress!

The travel was fairly uneventful. But flying before the ass crack of dawn pretty much guarantees a smooth trip, or that you’re too damn tired to really care. The only really issue arose on the return trip in Detroit. Some mechanical issue with the plane. On the upside it was only a little more than an hour delay and Delta was really on the ball. It wouldn’t have been an issue if I hadn’t had an appointment to sign for my loan at 1pm. I still arrived at the bank a half hour early, only to find that all the customer service people were new enough not to know the process or have access to the right programs to obtain the paperwork. But the guy I was working with pulled out all the stops and a little after 2pm I finally left with money in my account and a smidge more debt to my name.

And this week it was back to work full tilt. Which is good and bad, as always.

In other news, the home repairs/kitchen renovation are moving forward. Just waiting on a final estimate from the contractor, wherein I will cry, fork over some money, deal with repair/renovation fun, fork over the rest of the money and enjoy fresh paint, new cupboards, and shiny tile in the kitchen and entryway. *fingers crossed* I’ll just be happy to be able to look at my ceilings and not see water damage.

There, I think that’s me all caught up. Time for more coffee and actual work.

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