2014 Water Saga: Home Improvement Recap

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on October 8, 2014.

Everyone remembers The Great Flood of 2014, where I came home to this:











But the building association was on the ball and the remediation guys did a bang up job. Escaped with stained ceilings, bit of bubbled paint, but no real damage to the floor or anything else.

Then the waiting began. When the contractor through the remediation company never came about, I just put the repairs off and off and off. Finally in August I started researching contractors and kept hemming and hawing until one of my colleagues recommended a guy. So I picked out paint and cabinets and counters and extended the scope to include tile flooring and in a little under a week I went from this:










to this:

IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2729 IMG_2730









Only the microwave got replaced as far as appliances go, everything else I had switched when I moved in. Well, the dishwasher’s in the process of being changed out. Pump issue, so I opted to buy a new one. But since the dishwasher was the only appliance I didn’t have issues with getting installed the first time…I had issues this time. It’s still hard piped vs. flexible something or another and the delivery guys are all “you need a plumber, we don’t do that”. So yeah, plumber coming in tomorrow to do that, then redeliver on the dishwasher this coming Tuesday. Which just leaves a filler piece on the cabinets and the kitchen is done.

Fresh coat of paint in the living room inspired me to switch things around, but that’s kind of still in progress. Also just ordered new bedding and curtains for the bedroom and new pillows. Because hell, spend spend spend or some shit like that.

But all in all, I’m pleased with the results and, you know, more motivated to cook and stuff.

Oh, and the countertops? Laminate. I know, right? Yeah, maybe I should’ve gone stone, but it looks good and serves the same purpose. And probably what I saved there has since been spent on the microwave and dishwasher and linens and… Such is life.

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