2014 Water Saga: Tales of Fiber and the Dishwasher that Wasn’t

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on October 20, 2014.

I don’t think it would be possible to have a more perfect weekend weather-wise for the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival than this past weekend. Sure there was a bit of rain here and there, but overall the temps were a comfortable fall day. Add in the gorgeous foliage…perfect. While I didn’t buy much in the way of fiber (three measly skeins of yarn, some soap…and roving), I did start trying to learn spinning. Steph knowingly brought along one of her drop spindles for me to try out, if I were so moved. I were moved. 🙂 The roving I bought was only $10 and a subtle purple and brown that I couldn’t pass up. Steph said, “if you see roving you like, buy it and I’ll spin it for you.” Followed by the nudge of, or “you can learn to spin it yourself.” Guess who’s learning to spin? Yup. Fiber folk really are enablers. In a good way. Mostly. We’ll see how I feel about it after a long binge when my arm cramps up. 🙂

We crashed at Steph’s brother’s Friday and Saturday, which entailed kitten therapy (eensy weensy babies smaller than my hand with sharp itty bitty claws) and adult cats with personality galore. Oh, and utterly amazing chili. Might have to ask for that recipe.

Now on to the dishwasher saga. Friday morning was attempt three. Different delivery guys from the first two times. I was informed that I did not, after all, have the correct connection. The extender coming off of the hard pipe is no longer sufficient for them or something. They told me they could leave the new one, call a plumber to hook it up, then call them to pick up the old one whenever. And I’m like, well, the plumber disconnected it, can’t you just take the old one now. No. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I’m like fine, fuck it, I’m done. Take the new one with you then, I’ll be cancelling my order. Because, three fucking times? No.

So, I’ve reached out to my contractor and requested a quote for removing the dishwasher and adding in another set of cabinets. More expensive than getting a new dishwasher, but I could totally use the extra storage for beer and gear. Is the best move home value wise? Probably not. But I don’t need the dishwasher; handwashing hasn’t killed me yet.

That’s the latest and greatest.

Oh, yeah. I got summoned for jury duty. This will be fifth time in the nine years, three months that I’ve lived in Philly. Joy. At least I have my Notorious RBG shirt to wear. That’ll rock it.

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