2014 Water Saga: 2014 – The Year of Water, Water Every-fucking-where

Originally posted on nikbunting.me on December 31, 2014.

This was a mixed bag of year. Personally, for the most part, and professionally things went pretty well. Pretty much anything not related to water went well. 🙂

One year ago today, there was the visit from the New Year’s Eve Rat. The giant ass rat that disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared (most likely down the toilet or drain). Talk about an ill omen.

Flash forward about a week or so later to The Great Flood of 2014. Nothing like getting a call that there’s water “raining down” into your place. All in all, I handled it fairly well. And got to learn all about insurance and getting a contractor and all sorts of fun stuff. Sure, I shelled out more than I got in insurance, but I’m kind of grateful for the whole thing. Lord knows I wouldn’t have gone about renovating my kitchen of my own volition. And, boy, is it gorgeous. And all in all, not too horrible price wise. Oh, and before I left for Christmas with Steph and her family, my contractor came and installed the handles on the set of cabinets I added to replace the fucking dishwasher. I can haz perty kitchen.

But The Great Flood of 2014 and Aftermath wasn’t the only water-related issue. There was the busted toilet handle and leaky flapper than I replaced my own damn self. The hole in the pipe leading from my bathtub. The leaky/plugged air conditioner that was a quick fix, fortunately. The rigmarole with the fucking dishwasher. And replacement of the filler valve for my toilet, which would’ve been a cheap fix if I had the right tool, but after banging the hell out of my hand and a lot of frustrated trying, I called the plumber. Oh, and my shower tap was leaking, so I got that and the shower head replaced…and still having switched the part inside the handle to put hot and cold on the proper sides. I think that’s everything. Jesus god, I HOPE that’s everything. Fucking water. As the one board member who helped me deal with the flood, etc., kept asking, “Did you piss off a water witch or something, Nicole?” I really have to wonder.

Aside from that, a lot same ol’ same ol’.

I did learn a new skill, spinning, so that’s rather awesome.

And I have a new kitchen. Did I mention the new kitchen?

So, while 2014 wasn’t a horrible year, I’m not sad to see the back end of it.

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