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Looking at my current bank of vacation time (125 hours, I shit you not; but if you know me, this also shouldn’t be a surprise) plus the fact it’s an odd year, and I realize it’s time I started thinking about planning a big vacation. Not quite Epic Iceland 2015 caliber, but…something. Big vacation is anywhere (likely Iceland) that isn’t Michigan. Nothing against Michigan as a vacation destination, but when you grew up there and are visiting family it’s not quite a vacation in every sense of the word. It can be fun and relaxing, but it’s not somewhere else.

When I start thinking about vacation I get hit with a mix of guilt and why should I even bother. Both of these are tied into the current state of the US and the world (see, the news, every fucking day). I don’t feel unsafe traveling. Especially on my own. I never have. Why should I have fun when others are suffering, fighting, etc? But people are always suffering, fighting, etc., somewhere. But if you can’t take joy in life when and how you can, then what’s the point of anything? Like everything, it’s about balance. Looking out for others, but not forgetting to look out for yourself, too. So stay tuned on that front.
On the theme of finding joy in this wackadoo world, I’ve fallen hard for Riverdale, the CW’s Archie-based series. I grew up on Archie comics and got into them again with the Afterlife with Archie series and the reboots. Does it have problems? Sure. But I enjoy the hell out of it and am about thisclose to writing fic. Haven’t been moved to write fanfic in awhile, so yay?
Another good thing is that I managed to hit all my goals last week–three times walking, three times writing, one blog. I’ve already hit two days walking for this week. This will take care of the blog. Need to work on the writing. (I’ve got my weeks in my bujo starting on Mondays, if you care about that sort of thing.)
Not much else of note. Hang strong, friends.

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