Writers Weekend Retrospective: 2015

Originally published on nikbunting.me on March 13 and April 14, 2015. And remember when I said I’d been rewriting Landa for ages? Separate re-writes, but same goal. The original was published back in 2009. We won’t even get into the former Morton’s Pointe now historical Road Narrows crew. 🙂

We have gone up to the mountains and shall not emerge again until Monday. Save for the trip out tomorrow to pick up things we forgot on today’s grocery run: limes, tonic, pie, cooking oil, syrup. Make of it what you will.

Steph has kicked things off right with a nap and a fabulous Mongolian beef dinner. Deb’s taking care of business like a boss. And…I wrote. And spun a bit. But I did for reals actual writing today, on the story I planned to work on. Yay! I wrote on writer’s weekend.

If I’m super ambitious, maybe tomorrow I’ll actually finish the rewrites on book one so I can then move on to book two. We shall see. I’ve worked in a prologue that incorporates murders that happened in my real life hometown that give my heroine a stronger motivation in some aspects of her life. I also put the kibosh on a relationship that had a brief run, which requires some significant rewrites despite how brief it was. Trying to flesh things out and make the story stronger all around. It was never really a strong fit as an erotic romance to begin with, but that’s what I was writing at the time and it was the avenue I had an in for publication-wise. There was sex and romance (still is), but it was never a huge part of the story. It’s mystery with very light supernatural/fantasy. But that’s putting the cart before the horse. Words on page first.


I didn’t actually plan on starting at the 100 day mark to count down to the Epic Iceland Trip (TM), but it just sort of worked out that way. It could be fancier, but then again, why? So, yeah, 99 days from today. I’m still an equal mix of “can’t fucking wait” and “holy, crap, three weeks is a long time”. I’m still going back and forth on the 28″ suitcase and the fact that I haven’t checked luggage since 1999 when I went to France. I know! I’ve got time to sort that out (and probably won’t settle on what until I actually leave).

What else?

Writers Weekend turned out pretty productive for me. Finished rewriting Landa. Go me. But the best part of the weekend is always getting to spend time with Steph and Deb. They keep me grounded and every so often get me to act my age. 🙂

Aside from that, it’s pretty much been work, home, laziness, and hoping Spring puts in an appearance. The latter finally seems to be happening. Yay!

Not sure if it’s the not-so-warm and gray most of the time weather or just the world in general, but I’ve been Cranky McCranky Pants a lot of the time. Which isn’t good for anyone. Working on my attitude. It’d probably help if I took an actual goddamned day off every once in awhile (even with the epic trip of epicness I’ll have a few days here and there). Worse case scenario I could use sick time (boy, do I have a lot of that).

Not a very exciting post. But better than nothing, right?

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