Writers Weekend Retrospective: 2008

Originally posted on LiveJournal on January 20, 2008. The first one. With the Morton’s Pointe sequel that I re-wrote a bunch of times and finally sort of finished but never published. 

Three days at the beach, lots of yummy food, the company of two good friends and nearly 10,000 words written. That, my friends, is a vacation. While I didn’t actually venture out to see said beach, because hello it’s January and feels like it, the beach house was cozy with its fireplace and beach house-iness. Cold though it was, I like the quiet of off-season. Having growing up in a tourist town, I appreciate a vacation destination when the tourists are nowhere to be seen. It’s quiet and peaceful, just like being near the water should be. And it’s a totally different “culture” from that of the Northern Michigan shoreline. I’m not used to the street after street of beach houses. Hell, the concept of having to travel a significant distance to get to the beach is a relatively foreign concept. Living maybe six blocks from Lake Michigan for most of one’s life spoils a girl. But, man, was it good to hear waves. That’s the only thing I miss about Michigan, living near a huge body of water.

But I digress. 🙂

It was a wonderful weekend with [Steph and Deb], just kicking back with endless hours to do nothing but write. And we wrote. I love the buzz from getting a good write on. I managed to get about 6k on the Modus Vivendi sequel that now has a title. The title alone is worth squeeing over. Titles tend to be AGONY for me. If you’re curious, it’s Amour Propre, French for “pride”. Looks like the Affairs of Morton’s Pointe are going to have non-English titles. I like that. The other 3k-plus was tagging back and forth on the second book in the series [Steph] and I are working on together.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and I’m back home enjoying the remaining hours of the weekend before returning to reality tomorrow. Blegh. But hopefully, I’ll be less cranky after having a real vacation.

I definitely couldn’t write that intensely every single day without burning out or going insane, but every so often it’s a brilliant way to go. If life were cooperative, I’d love to do that every month or every other month. At least a couple times a year could be feasible, though. I think it helps matters that I’m slowly adapting to the write now/edit later way of doing things. I always edit better with distance, who doesn’t. Constant revision bogs you down. I also learned this weekend that my time to write really is in the evenings. I can write earlier in the day, but the flow is better in the evenings. I used to be 1 a.m. girl. But evening in general was working well. And that means I need to buckle down and commit to writing for a set time every evening. TV’s not much of an issue, it’s gaming and the internets in general. All it takes is focus. And I can do that. Set writing time is my ever broken New Year’s resolution, I know. I’m going to do it, though, because I want to be done with Amour Propre and have it shelved before the end of February. Out the door by some time in April.

Stay tuned.

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