Writers Weekend 2017 Wrap Up

Today we head back to reality. 🙁

On the whole, I think I had a pretty productive weekend. Not exactly writing-wise, but writing related. Spent the better part of both Saturday and Sunday creating a cover, formatting and reformatting and re-reformatting my manuscript, and then navigating Kindle Direct Publishing. I think the next time will go a lot faster since I have my templates set up how I like (and while Word is a bear, at least some of the stuff I’ve learned from InDesign, mainly paragraph stiles, translates well).

Now I have to get on actually writing the next book after mumble mumble years. Or I could get the historical crew back out there. Or start formatting Steph and my stuff from Amber Quill. So, stay tuned.

If you want to check it out, A Sigh on the Wind can be found here (links to Amazon at the bottom). It started out life as Last Thought but has undergone significant revision since its first publication. Not that many people bought it in the first place. But that was on me. It was never a good fit as erotic romance. There’s still sex, but romance and sex were never really the focus. In any event, it’s good to have Landa back out in the world.

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