On Buffy

As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s the 20th anniversary of when Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on TV.

I actually kind of came to Buffy rather late in the game. My initial exposure was to a few eps my (and Buffy’s) freshman year. My second roommate had turned it on and I’d always been curious, so… I know for sure I saw the two parter where Faith woke up and caused some chaos in Buffy’s life by swapping bodies. And I think I might have caught “Where the Wild Things Are” (aka, where Buffy and Riley have A LOT OF SEX) and possibly a few eps of Angel.

Flash forward to Season 6 and the musical episode. Well, I couldn’t just jump in there, one needs context. So I downloaded what back eps I could find (can’t recall if it was from MSU’s shared network or other means) and was hooked. Of course, this coincided with the start of the release of the DVDs.

Flash forward again to the season finale that year wherein I was inspired to start writing fanfic. OMG, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? SPIKE HAS A SOUL??? HOW DOES WILLOW RECOVER AFTER GOING DARK??? Etc. That first fic, aka The Beast as I came to call it, was a hot mess of a young fan writer’s fevered imaginings. Fortunately, I stumbled on a writer I liked on fanfiction.net (oh, yea) who mentioned this LiveJournal place. So I followed her there, discovered the Buffy Sunday100 weekly drabble challenge community, found my best friend and better half of The Brain looking for a beta and I wrapping up my English degree said “I’ll help.” and the rest is history. 🙂 I wrote a lot of Buffy fic, although nothing quite matches the epic saga that Steph and I wrote following the evolving relationship of Joyce, Giles, and Ethan from Season 4 to the finale of the series and a bit beyond. I was all about the “crack” pairings. Who could I throw together? Once I wrote Cordelia and Lyle Gorch from the prom ep, I could do anything. Mwah ha ha ha.

Following the series finale and my moving back home after graduation, writing Buffy fanfic and participation in the LiveJournal communities kept my sanity. There was the glories of WriterCon in Las Vegas to my packing up and moving out to Philadelphia with nothing but an apartment and a few Buffy linked contacts in the area as a tentative support system. Twelve years later, I’m still quite happy out in Philadelphia. While I may have mostly left Buffy behind, all that surrounded it hasn’t left me. It inspired me to write better and hone my craft and gave me lifelong friends. Honestly, what more could you want?

I’m kind of sad that I sold off my Buffy and Angel DVDs a few years back, but I did that in part because they were available digitally and because $$$.

So, yeah, happy 20th Buffy and thank you for everything.

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