You Take Me to the Nicest Place, Deb

Tagged along with my friend Deb last night to another hockey game–Dallas Stars vs. NJ Devils at the Prudential Center in Newark. Great arena but the surrounding area is very reminiscent of Chester where the Philadelphia Union play, ie, not the super best neighborhood in the world (and for those of you who don’t know, the former is hockey, the latter is soccer). But adventure. Still, I enjoyed pointing out to Deb repeatedly that she does take me to the nicest places.

Neighborhood aside, it was good fun all around. Decently priced tickets and fantastic seats (the perks of two teams that are having less than stellar–okay, baaaaaaaaaad seasons). Plus, hot hockey players. Where’s the bad? Overpriced food and drink are part of the experience. And there’s the characters you encounter. There’s really nothing quite like live sports events, even if you’re super casual but benefiting from the knowledge of your companion. Although, I’m not sure how super casual I am when I’m likely going to purchase a Dallas Stars jersey as some point in the near future (the atheist made a “if you do x, I’ll do y” deal, and since the Stars held up their end and scored a second goal/won the game with that goal in overtime, I should hold up my end and purchase a jersey, right?).
Nikki’s adventures in sportsing pretty much come down to purchasing of swag. I’ve got four Union scarves, a hat, and two T-shirts. Oh, yeah, and season tickets. Two hockey games in, I suppose it’s time to purchase a bit of swag for that sport as well. Pretty, hot men and swag. There are worse things, right?
So, why the Dallas Stars and not my “hometown” team the Philadelphia Flyers? Or even my home state team the Detroit Red Wings? Fic. It all comes down to fic. Although, I have a feeling I’ll be attending more Flyers games than anything else in the future, so I’ll pick up a shirt or two. It’s like going to comiccon in a plain shirt and jeans, you sort of stand out. Which, is fine, but it’s nice to at least make a token effort and wear a T-shirt. One doesn’t have to go full out cosplay, but… And as I sort of made the connection last night, the Dallas Stars away colors are vaguely Michigan State-y (although their green is brighter), so…there’s that? Yeah. *shifty eyes*

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