The Return of Nik’s Speculation Corner – Doctor Who, S10

Or creation of. IDEK. 

Once upon a time, back on LJ, and in my early days in the Doctor Who fandom (and before that, Buffy), I used to write post-ep entries that tended to have crazy speculation in the early parts of the season/series. The start of a new season/series is always a time of such promise. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Until I watched the kick-off of S10 of Doctor Who, “The Pilot”, (and played catch up by finally watching “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”, which was quite sweet and I rather loved), I’d forgotten the sheer joy I feel at the start of a new season/series. Especially when a new companion comes on board.
Spoilers, of a fashion, for the ep and end of series casting changes.

So, we all know Capaldi’s leaving at the end of the series. 🙁 Which means, we’ve got a new Doctor coming. Chances are that we’re going to wind up with a young, likely white and male actor playing the Doctor. Which… *sigh* But in my crack-theory loving brain, and not without evidence, is an alternative that would be AWESOME. (Aside from Sue Perkins being cast as the next Doctor.)
Bill’s the next Doctor. The Doctor taking her on, tutoring her…it’s an apprenticeship. The series is going to follow Bill’s apprenticeship/training to take on the role of Doctor. When we get to the end of the series and the Doctor is regenerating, the Doctor essentially retires, taking on an “old face” (Tom Baker/The Curator), and transfers his remaining regenerations to Bill. 
We know regenerations can be transferred (QED, River, in “Let’s Kill Hitler”, transferring hers to Eleven to save him from poisoning).
But Donna, you say. Humans can’t handle Time Lord energy, whatever. To which I say bullshit. Ten, who really had a shit history of decisions, could’ve found some other way than mind-wiping Donna (against her will! Still never going to forgive that move. And go Bill for calling out Twelve when he tried to mind-wipe her.). Right, where was I? Time can be re-written, and with a 50+ year old show and ever-growing/changing mythology, anything’s goddamned possible. And here’s a thought, what if Bill’s mum was River? I’m not saying the Doctor was her father. We don’t know what happened between Melody’s regeneration in “Day of the Moon, etc.” and Mels growing up with Amy in Rory in “Let’s Kill Hitler”. Or, hell, Bill’s mum could’ve just hooked up with any passing Time Lord. In any event, let’s say Bill already has some Time Lord DNA in her, allowing her to handle the Time Lord energy transfer.
Oh, and in his retirement, the Doctor goes and retrieves River from the library, and the two of them live out their last regeneration together. Bill carries on as the new Doctor, fixes Donna and solves the mystery of the duck pond from S5, then eventually regenerates into Sue Perkins after many, many fantastic adventures. BAM, I win at life.
Or maybe I’ve had a bit too much coffee. 🙂

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