A Bit of M & R – Murder & Relaxation

Technically the relaxation should come first, since that’s what I’m talking about first, but… Whatever.

Just got back from a super relaxing, if slightly bittersweet, trip to Michigan. Well, just as in Wednesday, but as I took the remainder of the week off from work, I’m still counting it all as one vacation. Ugh, back to work tomorrow. But, hey, new clothes. Yes, Mom bought me new clothes. She’s got amazing taste and I’m lazy, so no complaints from me.

I hit Fort Michilimackinac for the first time since maybe fifth grade. Yeah, it’s changed a bit in 25 years (and, I did the math right. Jesus.). Lots of new things to see, including half-clad voyaguer re-enactors. 🙂 Lots of exhibits and more buildings than I remembered. They’re still excavating. I think they’ve uncovered/restored maybe 50% of the fort (the Brits burned down what they didn’t schlep over to Mackinac Island) in the 58 years they’ve been excavating. If you’re in the area, it’s worth checking out. And the island, too. Still kind of sad I never went when my cousin was re-enacting there (as a soldier). He’s the one who now lives out here that I only see when family visits. Gotta work on that, especially since he’s soon going to be in Philly instead of Delaware.

Other touristy things included heading up to the UP to visit the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum (pretty cool, literally and figuratively, save for the mosquitos) and Tahquamenon Falls. You’d think I’d have had enough waterfalls by this point after two trips to Iceland, but each one is different. I’ve been to the falls before, when I was maybe eight or so. Mom says we’ve gone twice. Maybe she has, I only remember the one time. A nice new addition was the brewery on site by the upper falls, I think. It was my first visit to the museum, and worth it, even if The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald has been stuck in my head since. Had lunch at Brown’s Fisheries The Fish House. I’m very much not a fish eater, though when in Iceland and the odd bit of whitefish over the years, but OMG it was delicious whitefish. Not fishy, fried in a super light batter. As I said on social media, I’d go back to the UP just for that. Stranger things, folks.

The rest of the time was filled with many rounds of card golf with Mom and my cousin Marie, visiting assorted family, not going to the casino, and sorting through old things. Oh, and there was going to see Wonder Woman. Yup, I cried. It was a-fucking-mazing.

The only cloud over the trip was my (great) Aunt Marion taking a turn for the worse and eventually passing away Wednesday evening. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but still sad. She and Uncle John were always a bit like a third set of grandparents. She was a fantastic woman and a great baker, and I count myself lucky to have known her.

Since I’ve gotten back to Philly, I’ve been super lazy. Although I did order groceries, stock up the freezer, and get my hair cut. And snuggle my fuzzy fat cat. I think she missed me. Sorta.

As for the murder part of my subject line, I’m considering doing a weekly Murder, She Wrote blog recapping and analyzing eps in order. Why yes, I did reach the end of the series and am starting from the beginning again, don’t look at me like that. You do you; I’ll do me. Okay, almost the end. I didn’t watch the last two eps of Season 12 or the four movies. I’ll get there. Eventually. Maybe. Me? Not like endings? Ahahahahahahahaha. So, back on track. I think I’m going to call it MSW Mondays, so keep an eye out for that. I’m going to be smart for a change and wait until I have a few posts/eps written up before I kick that off. If nothing else, it’ll blow some dust off this place for awhile.

As for my own writing…I did write a smidge while I was in Michigan. Time to bring back the goal tracker. Writing and walking. And Murder, She Wrote.

I could say some about the current state of the world, but you get enough of that on my personal Twitter. And so do I, for that matter. May you live in interesting times, indeed.

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