On Buffy

As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s the 20th anniversary of when Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on TV. I actually kind of came to Buffy rather late in the game. My initial exposure was to a few eps my (and Buffy’s) freshman year. My second roommate had turned it on and I’d always been curious, […]

Writers Weekend 2017 Wrap Up

Today we head back to reality. 🙁 On the whole, I think I had a pretty productive weekend. Not exactly writing-wise, but writing related. Spent the better part of both Saturday and Sunday creating a cover, formatting and reformatting and re-reformatting my manuscript, and then navigating Kindle Direct Publishing. I think the next time will […]

Writers Weekend 2017

After having to skip last year’s Writers Weekend (WW) due to life being lifey, Steph, Deb, and I have hied up to the Poconos for our (usually) annual “writers” retreat. They get a respite from their families, and I get to chill with two amazing women while we all hopefully get some shit done. It […]