Day 1, Wrap-up

Day 1 Photos


After a delicious soup (cauliflower and carrot bisque–seriously yum) and fantastic bread, we hit the road for a couple quick stops in the countryside.

First we hit Iceland’s largest thermal spring, Deildartunguhver. Expect steamy pics. Literally, ha.

Next up was the Snorri Sturluson historic site. Did not buy a ton of books as is my thing. Will give myself a few days to cave.

Lastly was the Hraunfossar Falls and Hvita River. Beautiful and brisk. Two words that will frequently crop up in reference to Iceland.

After indulging in late afternoon bus ride nap nods (Tu est fatigue, Nicole? Non, ca va. *snore*–I’ll nod at the drop of a hat on late afternoon rides without fail), it was on to drinks and dinner at the hotel. The meal was hit and miss but I do love my fellow tour mates. The dark beer, apple dessert, tomato garlic bread, and chicken skewers and smoked lamb appetizers were wins. The salmon salad starter was meh, but points to the non-seafood girl for trying it, and the lamb main was okay when I didn’t hit the salt. Biiiiiiig on the salt over here. Really, I’ll drink the water without encouragement. And the coffee. Omg, goooooood coffee here.

Tomorrow is the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

Handwashed my laundry as a test drive. We shall see how that goes.

Lastly, my true Kryptonite here will be yarn. Keeping my eyes peeled.

Now to bed. Up for breakfast by 7:00 and off to tour by 8:30. Unless the Northern Lights are out, then I’m in for a brief nap and then sleep. Unless I am dead to the world when/if the guide knocks.


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  1. Niki, How awesome that you are in Iceland!!! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your trip. Take care! Kathy

    1. Kathy,

      It’s been amazing. The country is gorgeous, but having a good group makes it even better. I might be using all 3000 plus pictures on my camera card. Many pictures to come.

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