Day 2, Sharkano

Day 2 Photos


The northern lights were out last night. Faint green and wispy to the eye…brilliant green and touches of pink according to my camera. Crazy.

Slept okay once I got warm, until I got too warm. Live and learn.

The breakfast spread was a spread–fruit, bread, veggies, smoked fish, lunch meat, waffles, cereal, juice, coffee, etc. Oh, and cod liver oil, which I didn’t try.

Then it was off to the lava fields and fishing villages of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Inactive and fields several hundreds of years old, but way cool. Need to learn more. The amount of time it takes moss to gain a foothold makes you think twice at tramping through any field at random. Also saw several hexagonal rock pillar formations–going all sorts of directions. The lava and rock near and at the shore is particularly spectacular.

Lunch was at this cosy coastal cafe famed for its seafood soup. Delicious and not a bit fishy tasting, although the fresh bread was more my speed. 🙂

This afternoon we hit a farm in the middle of a lava field where Hakal, cured shark, is made. Not half bad taste wise, salty, touch of ammonia, and maybe similar to mussels. The local schnapps, however, knocked me for a loop.

Dinner soon at the hotel, then packing up and moving on to a new location tomorrow.

And OMG the waterfalls here. They’re everywhere and no less remarkable each time.

Am also reconsidering watching Game of Thrones as parts are filmed in Iceland. Hmmm.


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