Day 3

Day 3 Photos


This morning we left Borgarnes for Akureyri. Learned that overnight there was a heck of a thunderstorm and the hotel lost power, both of which are super rare. Figures I’d sleep through that.

First stop not even ten minutes out was Grabrok Crater, or Gray Underpants Crater. Seriously. Hell of a climb, but worth it for the views and being able to circle the whole crater. Still debating whether it was Weather Top or Mount Doom I climbed. And, boy, am I out of shape.

As we made our way from the lowlands to the highlands, we took in a seal cruise in Hvammstangi and the Gauksmyri Horse Farm. While the possibility existed to see Blue, Humpback, and other whales we were lucky to see the seals we did due to it being high tide. And assorted birds–Eider Ducks, Cormorants, and Gulls. Mostly blue skies and sunny with little wind–it was another too perfect weather day. At the horse farm we had lunch (delicious meat soup, salad, and rhubarb crumble), then got a showcase of the different types of horse gates, particularly the tolt that the Icelandic Horses are known for.

We continued on north and east, making a quick stop to take in a 19th century driftwood/sod Lutheran church. Tiny, gorgeous, and cold as fuck inside. I think the pics turned out despite the thumbprint I managed to get on my lens.

And then we made it to Akureyri and Hotel Kea. Top of the line hotel. While I prefer the bathroom in the last place, the decor is nice and the wifi free. Dinner was on our own, so I splurged at Rub23 and got the Lonely Planet recommended lamb with citrus rosemary rub. Wasn’t sure at first but it grew on me. Haven’t had much lamb prior to this trip. I’m only so adventurous. I may have tried and not minded the cured shark, but I’m no seafood convert.

Tomorrow is Lake Myvatn, Godafoss, and assorted active volcanic areas around the lake. Hopefully one of my long sleeved shirts dries by morning. And for the record, hand washing is exhausting. Damn wringing is going to make my arms compete with calves for soreness. There are worse things, like checked luggage. 🙂


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