Day 4, Waterfalling into the Wilderness

Day 4 Photos


Today we explored around Lake Myvatn and north and east into the wilderness, with no to a fair bit of snow. The area around Lake Myvatn has bad fairly recent activity, 1975-1984 which made former frequented hot spring baths too hot. Near this area is where the North American and Eurasian plates meet, and you can see the rift as well as pockets of steam across the landscape. Also swung by a church area surrounded by a 1729 lava flow.

We also hit two major waterfalls, Godafoss in the morning and Dettifoss this afternoon. Both were astounding, although the second involved a substantial hike through the snow to see.

Lastly we stopped at a spot overlooking the second geothermal plant in the country and site of the nine year eruption (aforementioned 1975-84) at Krafla. We also took in Namaskard’s boiling mud pots (looked like Mars meets the southeastern zone in LOTRO Angmar, minus the giant turtles) and the “black castle” lava pillars at Dimmuborgir.

Lunch was at the Myvatn Nature Baths (soup and bread). Neat place, but the thermal baths I dipped my hand in weren’t all that warm. Food, so so.

Dinner tonight was at the hotel restaurant with three of my tour mates. Awesome time and great food, although the service was kind of slow. Good way to wind up the day.

Notes to future travelers: yes, it may get chilly and snow is likely, but opt for that over midge and fly season in the summer for the area.

Tomorrow no puffin ride, but a very full day regardless. Still haven’t had much of a chance to get souvenirs. But I’ve spent a lot on food and taken over 400 pictures. Also, I ate today all of one giant Sirius hazelnut chocolate bar…my previous one lasted me three days. No more chocolate bars. And I still had a large dinner and dessert (chicken pesto with garlic naan followed by blueberry crumble), not to mention Einstok White Ale (think light Blue Moon, maybe Hogarten).

And now for bed. Long days are long but so worth it.


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