Day 5

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First stop today was the Whale Museum as Husavik, which was interesting but not fantastic. The real highlight of the stop was driving through town and seeing the various homes. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. This was the town where we would have been taking the tour to see the puffins, had they not left. No biggie there.

Lunch was at Skulagardur for traditional lamb soup and fantastic rye bred. This is so the country of awesome bread.

In the afternoon we hit Asbyrgi, the shelter of the gods, a horseshoe shaped canyon formed by flood waters from under a glacier or Sleipnir touching the earth. Choose your own explanation. The geological one they still don’t know the exact how or when. The most striking part is the forest of native birch trees nearing peak fall colors. To have anything resembling a forest or with trees seeming more trees than shrubs is a rarity. As of now it is my top spot in Iceland. Possibly top spot in the world. If anywhere can be called magical, it’s Asbyrgi.

Late afternoon we hit the sod houses at Laufas to explore and enjoy coffee and what was essentially a rhubarb crumble. Delicious.

We returned early enough to be able to take in a couple shops in Akureyri. I picked up a couple Icelandic mysteries and small souvenirs, then ate at Hamborgarafabrikkan, or the Hamburger Factory. Shut up, it hit the spot. And I wound up crossing paths with two tour mates and had a lovely dinner.

Tomorrow is a charter flight back south and hit Thingvellir and Gullfloss. Hotel Ranga in Hella will be home for the next two days.

Now to curl up with one of my books before I crash.


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