Day 6

Day 6 Photos


Hotel Ranga, visit it, I’ll wait. The pics I posted on Tumblr don’t do it justice. Sure, the decor is a bit cabin-y, but yeah, this gets the highest mark in the trip for hotels.

Day 6, this trip really is going fast. 🙁

Today we flew from Akureyri to Reykjavik, then wound our way out through the southeast. Crossed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. How awesome is that? I may become a bit of a geology nut after this trip.

Driving through the rift valley brought us to Thingvellir, where Icelandic parliament met yearly from 930 to 1798. They did have to move to higher ground at some point as the valley is slowly sinking.

After that was lunch at Lindir. The tomato broth/soup was divine, and I ate (for me) a substantial portion of the Arctic Char. Look at me, eating fish and kind of liking it.

Next we hit Geysir park. While Geysir geyser is unpredictable, Stokkur is really frequent and I nailed one great shot just before it erupted. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but what does it say about our species that we will stand there essentially watching water boil? 🙂

Last stop was Gullfoss, another falls, and definitely the one to see if you have to choose. Although two more are on the docket tomorrow, I think, so ill reserve judgment.

Now to explore a bit before dinner.


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