Days 8-10

Days 8-10 Photos


I think seven days was just about right. Hitting Reykjavik on day eight and getting the rest of the time mostly on our own is just the right way to round things out. It’s a nice city to wander at leisure, a bit like Traverse City in size and Old City meets South Street Philly in feel.

Not entirely crazy about the last hotel here. It’s clean but not spectacular. Wifi in the lobby only, hence the radio silence. And nothing much to report. How much detail do you really want about souvenir shopping and nosing around the city in the early hours? By early think eight. Some things wake up at nine, but most ten or later. Not a city of early risers. But I like exploring a sleepy city, especially on a drizzly day.

I’m currently ensconced in a cozy little cafe with a hot chocolate and listening to a guy singing and strumming on a guitar. It’s exactly how you imagine city coffee shops should be. A good last day find.

We head to the airport around 130, and I head to Boston at 500. I’ll miss my group and had a wonderful time, but I’m ready for home. I walked into a museum yesterday and lasted about fifteen minutes. Saturated my brain is.

I already cataloged my photos, so I just need to upload, weed through, and post them. Have a little more than 800 down from close to 1000. Digital photos ftw.

Signing off for now. Catch you all Stateside.

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